Having worked as an unpaid volunteer since 2013 to build the new Village website and launch the social media feeds, this network has now grown to include over 4,540 followers on Facebook, post reach of over 38,500 a month, a newsletter reaching around 960 and 38,700 page views on the website this year. 

Can you Support the Headcorn Village Network?

If all newsletter subscribers donated just £2 this would secure the network survival for two years.

To ensure this survives it needs wider support.  So, if you are able, I am inviting everyone to support it through donations. Even the smallest contribution can make a difference.  Perhaps you can donate £2 or a little more. 

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You can now purchase a wide range of gifts which use the Headcorn Village images taken by Jane Armstrong.


All funds raised help to support this network.  Thank you for continuing to support this project. You can now buy some products at Allsorts of Headcorn in the High Street.  Alternatively you can browse the shop click here:

1000 piece Jigsaw
Jigsaw in a Tin

A jigsaw in a tin

Snowman Cushion

Snowman Cushion
Fridge Magnets

Fridge Magnets

Facebook Reach
Website stats  twelve months to 2 Nov 2021.png

Website pageviews for 12-months to November 2021

Facebook page reach for 28-day period to 9 Oct 2021

As surprising as this may seem I spend a minimum of three hours a day managing it all. Thankfully, many of the fantastic businesses in the Village have supported me in order that I can support them.  However, this merely covers annual costs, eg web hosting.  I’m still devoting all my time as a volunteer. 

You can support through gift buying too