Drum roll please ...

Sit back, turn up the volume.

May I present to you

a few minutes

of festive joy.

Remembrance Day 2021

Thanks to the Stampe Formation Team based at Headcorn Aerodrome for the fantastic Poppy Drop.

From dinosaurs to the Tudors to Operation Dynamo, Headcorn’s History in potted form!

The Heart of Headcorn Project put on a History Show on 30th October which featured snippets of Headcorn's History performed by members of our community.

More than £500 was raised!

To donate and find out more, click this link:

October 2021

Wait, what?

Headcorn Village has a new Community Warden?

All will be revealed in the November newsletter.

June 2021 brought us the fantastic Battle of Britain Air Show organised by Aero Legends and Headcorn Aerodrome.  The event was a celebration of the Battle of Britain with flying displays featuring aircraft from the era.  

Spectators were treated to spectacular views of the B17 'Sally B', eleven Spitfires, two Dakotas and many more.  Plus a glimpse of the Red Arrows on opening day was possible despite challenging weather conditions. 

The reopening of indoor hospitality in May 2021 was a big moment for Headcorn's eateries.  For so long they had tried their hardest to cope with the restrictions in place - and poor weather - and so when finally the time came there was much excitement.

It was a perfect opportunity to show everyone how ready they were!