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Walk 1: A circular walk around Headcorn Village

Headcorn is lucky in having many footpaths around the Village.  Here is a suggestion for a walk that starts and ends in the Village.  It's around 4km, although I didn't measure it precisely. There is a map of the walk here:

Circular Walk around Headcorn Village
The little bridge
Crossing through crop fields
Access from Maidstone Road
Starting Point

Starting point in Lenham Road

The little bridge

The path crosses through crop fields

The access from Maidstone Road

The path along KH584

The path KH584

Walk 2: From Headcorn Village to Headcorn Aerodrome
Walk to Aerodrome

You can check your route or make your own using the KCC Footpaths map on the link here

Screenshot 2021-04-26 at 19.15.00.png

This walk takes you from Headcorn Station to Headcorn Aerodrome.  It takes you across fields to Waterman Quarter, across the A274 to Shenley Road and the Aerodrome. There are bridges and stiles to cross.  Click on the description file below to view the detail.

You can view/ download a pdf file by clicking on this image

Start at the entrance to the Lenham Road Fields.  Cross three fields following footpath KH587.  Right at the end of this you can see this little bridge (you could choose to continue on KH336, but I took a left onto KH342A.

Continue ahead, crossing the Ulcombe Road when you reach it. This becomes footpath KH342.  A little further ahead you will see a disused barn on your right.  Slightly further on on your right you will see a small wooded area with bluebells (in April).  As you continue, take a sharp left onto footpath KH341.

Stay on this footpath, across fields, when it becomes footpath KH584.  Cross Tattlebury Lane and continue towards the A274.  Once there, turn left to return to the Village.

Walk 3: Circular route to Kelsham Farm and School House Farm

Something a little different. A longer walk of around 2.5 hours but all flat and taking in some interesting, quieter paths.

Walk Three
Walk No3.png

You can view/ download a pdf file by clicking on this image

A map of the route

School House Farm
Kelsham Farmhouse

The route

Walk to Headcorn Aerodrome.png

A map of the route

Would you like someone to walk with? Take a look at the Clubs page, there are two groups you could join:

Walk Number FOUR.png
Walk 4: Circular Walk South

A longer walk of about 3 hours (though there is a very short option). Takes you to Little Brookwood, Bubhurst Farm and Waterman Quarter.

Walk FOUR route.png
Beautiful little bridge

You can view/ download a pdf file by clicking on this image

A map of the route

Walk Four Panorama.png
Walk 5: Village Circular Walk

Using new pathways near the Village hall, why not take this circular route around the village, taking in the open spaces.  It is predominantly flat but does include areas walking on grass (at Hoggs Bridge Green) and bark (near the Village Hall).

Circular Walk Parish Council News.png
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