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Take a closer look at some of the news stories from the Parish Council this March

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Parish Council News

Headcorn's New Community Liaison Officer

Headcorn’s New Community Liaison Officer

Headcorn Parish Council is delighted to confirm that Stuart Ellesmere’s role as Headcorn’s new Community Warden (officially Community Liaison Officer) is confirmed and he starts this role from 4th March.

You can contact Stuart on 07415 712307 or with any issues or concerns you have. He will continue to provide support for matters such as anti-social behaviour and welfare issues. Stuart will be patrolling the Village during the week and might also spend time in the Parish Office. We welcome Stuart to the Headcorn Parish Council team!

New Community Liaison Officer.png

Kent’s PCC Matthew Scott Visits Headcorn

Kent’s PCC Matthew Scott Visits Headcorn

On 15th February Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott visited Headcorn Parish Council to discuss some of the community’s policing concerns. Matthew specifically discussed crime and antisocial behaviour. After the meeting Matthew was asked directly by Jane Armstrong to provide answers to some specific questions. These questions were:

1.What is being done to prevent repeated - and increasing - incidents of anti-social behaviour. 2. What exactly is done in response to reports of anti-social behaviour? 3. Why is it not possible to report all anti-social behaviour to Kent Police?

The following response was received and will be followed up:

“Thank you for your email regarding my visit to Headcorn last week and the questions you have posed.

The role of the Police and Crime Commissioner in these circumstances is to hold the Chief Constable to account and raise the concerns that have been expressed. The responses you are seeking are operational in nature and ones I am raising with Kent Police to get an answer to. 

I am happy to share these with you once they have been received.”

PCC visits HPC 15 Feb 2024.png

D-Day 80th Anniversary

Headcorn Parish Council hopes to host a memorable celebration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day. This will be on 6th June and might include an after school event followed by the lighting of the Beacon. The lighting of the Beacon will be co-ordinated with the national lighting which commences at 9.15pm. If you have ideas for activities and ways to celebrate then please do get in touch with HPC. Meantime you can browse some background information to the national celebrations here:

D-Day 80th

Headcorn in Bloom 2024

After the success of our Headcorn in Bloom competition last year the stage is set for the 2024 competition.  Please start to plan your entries and ensure they are submitted

before the deadline on 3rd July.

Headcorn in Bloom 2024

Parking in Church Lane

As some of you will be aware Church Lane has had some major upgrades in terms of lines, signs and disabled spaces. This is in preparation for the installation of an ANPR parking system. This is to stop cars parking there all day and using up much needed alternative short term parking in the Village.

This will be a pay as you need arrangement with the first 30 mins free and thereafter paid at 0.70p per hour, up to a maximum stay of 4 hours. It is controlled from an app on your phone and will allow you to increase the time as you need it. If you’re done in 30 mins you don’t pay anything, if you get delayed add an extra hour, if you meet some friends and fancy a coffee and a chat add time as you need it. If you have any trouble downloading or operating the app, please feel free to come to the Clerk’s Office and we will be happy to help you with it.

The parking charge will apply all year round and at all times, with the exceptions being Sundays and Bank Holidays when it will be free. If there are any Village events or when something that might attract a lot of visitors is on e.g. weddings, funerals and special days at the Church or Village Hall, these days will also be free. Please be aware though, that if you park without paying or park in a disabled spot without having a blue badge, it will attract a fine.

Church Lane Parking 29 Feb 24.png

Public Toilets

After a bout of vandalism forced their closure, part of the public toilets have reopened.  The ladies’ toilets are open (and are available to gents too while the gents remains closed) and have additional security.  The additional security is to deter the repeated acts of vandalism.

Reopened Toilets.png
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