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Take a closer look at some of the news stories from the Parish Council this June

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Parish Council News

Vote on PWLB Loan Meeting

The meeting to discuss and vote on the proposed Public Works Board Loan was held on Wednesday 18th May and the result was as follows... those in favour of the Parish Council borrowing up to £250,000 from the Public Works Loan Board: 143, those against: 3. 


Thus the Parish Council may now proceed to apply for the amount they will need for the potential purchase price and immediate refurbishment works for the premises. The decision on the successful purchaser is expected within about one month, with Maidstone Borough Council making the final decision.


We will announce any further news as we get it. 

PWLB Vote Meeting.png

Jubilee Beacon Evening 2nd June

Plans are set for Thursday 2nd June's Beacon lighting event.  The evening will start with everyone invited to gather at Days Green from 7pm.  The White Horse will be open and providing refreshments and there will also be food vans on site to offer burgers and Thai food.  Singing for Health will perform from 7.30pm.  A bugler will introduce the start of the lighting at 9.40pm and the beacon lit at 9.45pm.

Beacon in May 2022.png

Buried Treasure Winner!

There was one lucky winner of the buried treasure competition at the May Fair and our Clerk and Assistant Clerk supervised winner Angus digging it up from the spot in the grounds of the Methodist Church. 


Angus and his mother Annabel travelled down all the way from London to dig up the reward and brought along their friends who live locally.

Buried Treasure.png

Lenham Road Footpath Completion

We understand that the completion of the Lenham Road footpath will take place between 25th-29th July, when a road closure is planned.

Lenham Road Footpath due for completion.png

Parish Council Elections

We can confirm that your Parish Council Chairman James Thomas and Vice Chair Linda Thorogood have been re-elected for the coming year.  Congratulations to both. 


The various committees have also had members reappointed.  This is great news as the committees very much need those with experience of any issues to continue their work.

We are grateful to all our Councillors who give up their time as volunteers to support our community.

Linda & James Re-Elected 2.png

Headcorn's Highway Improvement Plan

This ongoing project with KCC sets out a number of initiatives to manage road layouts, speed and accident blackspots.  Speed indicator devices are to be installed in Lenham Road, Grigg Lane, Wheeler Street and the High Street.  But not Oak Lane despite it's regular attention for speeding drivers.

KCC's engineers conducted a review of potential speed indicator devices and concluded that Oak Lane has constraints with overhead foliage from private addresses that make it very difficult to install. They also mention tall fencing which limits the physical space to site a post. This is coupled with its close proximity to a junction and a designated crossing (dipped kerb). For these reasons KCC has decided this location will not be taken further.

Speed Sign.png

New Councillors

Please welcome two new Parish Councillors, Helen Gearing and Holly Oates.  Both have already been working hard on different committees and supporting the decision-making of the Council.  

Holly Oates and Helen Gearing.png

Speed Gateway Signage

White gateway/boundary posts are to be installed near to Stonestile Lane to signify the start of the new 30mph speed restriction along Maidstone Road. 


In addition 'dragons teeth' road markings will be painted.  The image here shows similar gateway posts in Smarden village.

Village Gateway Posts in Smarden.png

Traffic Light Sensors

Please be aware that the forward stop point and traffic light sensors at the Kings Road were moved forward slightly during the resurfacing work. This has caused some confusion for drivers, perhaps as a result of the tarmac colouring.  The Clerk is to ask KCC to take a look.

Traffic Light Sensors Kings Road.png

Please Report It!

Laura Bullen from Maidstone Borough Council Community Protection Team gave a plea at our Annual Parish Meeting to use the MBC reporting tool for all relevant incidents.  For those of you who did not hear what Laura said you can click here to watch her recap.

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