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Take a closer look at some of the news stories from the Parish Council this July

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Parish Council News

Hoggs Bridge Green Improvements

Over recent weeks the Parish Council has undertaken some important improvement works for Hoggs Bridge Green and the allotments. 


The Green has had trees and hedges cut back to enhance visibility to the Ulcombe Road end.  A new hardstanding area has been installed to improve access for allotment users.  These works should be funded from S106 funds.

Hoggs Bridge Green Improvements.png

Playscheme Anyone?

New residents of Headcorn might not be aware that the Village previously held an annual Summer Playscheme.  This was a popular way to entertain children for the first weeks of the long summer holidays.  The Scheme took a break for several reasons and of course any return was then hampered by Covid.  If anyone in the community would like to resurrect the scheme for next year and organise its relaunch then do let the Parish Council know.


Assistant Clerk Vacancy

In order to manage the increasing workload in the Parish Office there is a new vacancy for an Assistant Clerk to work alongside the Clerk and existing Assistant Clerk.  This a a part time position which would suit a Village resident who is computer literate and good at multitasking. 


A job description was uploaded on here on Monday 4th July, our apologies for the delay. Click the link below to view it . 


Christmas Light Planning

Decisions are now being made on the new Christmas Light installations in the Village.  In view of their high cost we have decided to install them in phases over a number of years.  This year we will focus upon four trees and Foreman's Walk.  We hope that the new lights will be popular and bring a warm festive atmosphere to the Village.

Christmas Lights Stems.png
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