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The Headcorn Players society was originally formed by Stephen and Gillian Mountjoy in March 1965. They had returned to the Village from living abroad and put out feelers to form a society, which received a good response. The first production was in October that year, which was 'Dear Delinquent'. It was held in the former Village Hall in Station Road.  The stage was remarkably small - just 15ft x 12ft.  But the show was a big success and led to many memorable performances including 'Boeing Boeing' and 'Not Now Darling'.

In January 2022 an inaugural meeting was held for anyone interested in forming a new Amateur Dramatics Society in Headcorn.

The following provides a short account of the history of the original Headcorn Players amateur dramatic society, provided by one of the original founders, Bridget Dungey.  Bridget has shared some of her memories here along with photographs and news reports.

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In the early days they desperately needed rehearsal space, and were eventually offered a former stables adjacent to the old Railway Hotel in Station Road. This needed a great deal of work to make it a functioning space but volunteers quickly came forward to make it suitable and create a stage floor.

The stage was expanded significantly with the help of volunteers and performances became eagerly anticipated events in the Village. Whilst productions were always professionally managed the emphasis was on enjoyment and bringing entertainment to the Village. Bridget recalls her years is the society fondly:  "It was how you met people back then, and we always had such fun. We formed friendships that have endured to this day." 


After the Railway Hotel closed rehearsals needed to be held wherever they could, often in members' homes or gardens.  There were usually three performances a year, which was made possible by the large size of the Society. The occasional pantomime was staged too.


Sadly the numbers shank as increasing numbers in the community were busy commuters with families.  Although the brand new Village Hall brought the prospect of the perfect performance space its instant popularity brought the challenge of finding regular slots for both rehearsing and performing.  Thus the Society was disbanded in 2006. 

Now, after more than 15 years' absence the new Headcorn Amateur Dramatic Society is hoping to return. The inaugural meeting attracted a good number of interested locals, who all brought a great deal of experience and valuable skills.

The plan is to start with a sociable meet up on Thursday 24th February at Headcorn Football Club.  There will be scripts to enjoy, new people to meet and drinks too.  If you'd be interested in joining the group or in finding out more then do follow them on Facebook or email them here:

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A meeting in January 2022 has now provided the impetus to restart the society.

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