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The Headcorn Village Network comprises the website, social media feeds and monthly newsletter.  I built each to help the Headcorn community communicate effectively and build friendly and helpful connections.


Having worked as an unpaid volunteer since 2013 to build the Village website and launch the social media feeds, this network has now grown to include over 5,500 followers on Facebook, post reach of over 30,000 a month, a newsletter reaching around 1,200 subscribers (plus additional readers via this website) and 77,000 page views on the website this year. 

Can you Support the Headcorn Village Network?
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Facebook Page Reach to 7 May 2023.png
Users website to July 2023.png

Website users for 12-months to July 2023

Facebook page reach for 28-day period to 6 May 2023

The Network is thus independently owned and managed. The individual elements in the Network (Website, social feeds and newsletter) are strategically planned and managed to get the best out of each medium.  This takes time and expertise.  I am careful to protect what has made each successful.

I regularly receive appeals to give away free advertising on my channels, and I don't I do however give some promotional support to the lovely, supportive businesses and clubs who subscribe to the Network because their contribution helps to cover some of the costs of keeping the website up. If you are looking for a free advertisement for your business or event then please consider that this Network wasn’t free to create and isn’t free to manage.  It has taken thousands of hours over many yearsOngoing management takes even more hours every single day, including weekends and late into the evening.  There is no justification to ask that I donate my work, skill and effort for free.

Pageviews website to Jul 2023.png

Website pageviews for 12-months to July 2023

You can now purchase a wide range of gifts which use the Headcorn Village images taken by Jane Armstrong.


All funds raised help to support this network.  Thank you for continuing to support this project. You can browse the shop click here:

1000 piece Jigsaw
Jigsaw in a Tin

A jigsaw in a tin

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