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Take a closer look at some of the news stories from the Parish Council this July

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Parish Council News

Neighbourhood Plan

After years of hard work we are at last getting close to the final stages of completion of our Neighbourhood Plan.  The effort and skill invested by the Parish Council Team and its consultants have enabled us to reach a stage to bring the final referendum closer.
The Neighbourhood Plan is a valuable tool to allow us to shape development in the Parish, guiding everything from housing design to infrastructure to protecting the landscape.  Without it the community would have less ability to control these matters and less access to funds to support them.
So, we now need your help.  Please follow the link HERE: to take the survey, view the document and see answers to key questions.  It is important you do this as soon as possible to ensure there are no delays to the Plan progressing.  Thank you!

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Ongoing Water Supply Issues

Unfortunately the community has once again suffered with water supply issues from South East Water.  This was compounded by poor communication from them and a failure to quickly support us with bottled water provision, which is their duty.  We are very aware of the impact of all this on so many of you and are doing all we can to take issue with South East Water.  To have persistent breaks in supply is not acceptable - particularly when we watch as leaks are not rapidly fixed.
If you would like to email South East Water to let them know what you think the email address is

Tap Water

Yet Another Refusal

Having followed the all of steps requested by KCC to allow parking restrictions to be introduced in Gibbs Hill, Sharp's Field and Down's Close we have been shocked to receive notification that although our procedure was correct and the survey supported their introduction KCC would not install restrictions.  Their justification was based solely on cost.  Thus a known problem with acknowledged risks to the community, with a solution readily available, is to be refused.
The Parish Council is now investigating funding the installation of these restrictions.

New yellow lines

Headcorn In Bloom

Please don't forget to enter our new Headcorn in Bloom competition.
The entry deadline is 7th July.

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