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Take a closer look at some of the news stories from the Parish Council this April

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Parish Council News

New Events Committee

The Parish Council has formed a new Events Committee in order to co-ordinate three Parish events each year.  These will be at Christmas, late Spring/Early Summer and Late Summer.  At the moment the councillors who already work on the Open Spaces Committee have agreed to take up the role but we would be really grateful for any offers of help.  To join the Committee you'll need to join the Parish Council but to help out with events you don't!  Just email us in the Clerks' office if you'd like to know more.

Events Committee (2).png

Highways Improvements

The Parish Council is awaiting a response from KCC to the range of improvements to the highways in and around the Village to manage speeding and hazardous parking.  Meantime the proposed parking restrictions in Gibbs Hill, Sharp's Field and Downs Close have been met positively by those residents. 

New yellow lines to come.png

Equipment for Lengthsmen

As the workload of our Parish Council Lengthsmen increases they need better specialist equipment to ensure they are not hampered by tools designed for domestic gardens.  Therefore we are investing in some more robust, industrial-style equipment which should help to make the tasks somewhat easier.

Equipment for Lengthsmen (3).png

Local Parishes' Collaboration

The Parish Council is continuing to work collaboratively with neighbouring parishes and one outcome has been a collective response to MBC consultations on their Local Plan.  This has proven to be a helpful and time-saving initiative as well as ensuring responses echo one another, in the hope that they might more readily be acted upon. 

Parish Councils (1).png

Day's Green Improvements

This month should see the conclusion of our extensive improvements to Day's Green. Our Parish Council lengthsmen will imminently be installing new bins and benches.  During March they also created some excellent frost protection for the newly planted flowers. 
Do also look out for some re-purposed planters which have been installed along the fencing of Parsonage Meadow.

Frost Protection Days Green.png

Wild Flowers

The Parish Council is doing what it can to enhance the green spaces in the community and would like to invite everyone to plant some wild flower seeds.  They will have free seeds available in the Parish Office later this month (look out for when they're ready on our Facebook Page).  You are welcome to sow the seeds in your own patch of green, or to sow them on some designated community spaces.  We'll tell you exactly where when you collect your seeds.  Also, don't forget the Headcorn in Bloom competition, whether your entry is an entire garden or a humble hanging basket – we’d love to hear from you! 
The closing date is Friday 7th July.

Wild Flower Meadow.png

Annual Meeting of the Parish

Please don't forget that the Annual Meeting of the Parish will take place on Wednesday 19th April at 7pm in Longmeadow Hall. Every parishioner is invited! This is a fantastic opportunity to: hear a summary of what's been going on over the past 12 months; find out about some of the community's clubs and societies and share some drinks and nibbles with everyone.

Meeting of Parish 2023 (3).png

Sunday 7th May

Our plans are now taking shape for Headcorn's Coronation Big Lunch at Day's Green on Sunday 7th May.  We have taken delivery of a handy new gazebo and flags to help with this and the May Fair the week beforehand.  Also, in conjunction with the Parish Church we have arranged a large marquee, various food trucks and some music to entertain everyone. You can come and enjoy the food supplied or bring your own picnic and chair and enjoy the afternoon between midday and 4pm.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

Clerks and Gazebo.png
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